closing price

closing price
The last price paid for a commodity on any trading day. The exchange clearinghouse determines a firm's net gains or losses, margin requirements, and the next day's price limits, based on each futures and options contract settlement price. If there is a closing range of prices, the settlement price is determined by averaging those prices. Also referred to as settle price. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
Price of the last transaction of a particular stock completed during a day's trading session on an exchange. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The last price of a contract at the end of a trading session. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
The closing price is the last price for a tradable instrument at the time the market closes. For SETS, the closing trade price is the uncrossing trade price at which orders execute during an auction, or a volume weighted average price ( VWAP). For SEAQ, SEATS and AIM securities the closing price is the best bid, offer and mid price calculated from market maker quotes at the end of the mandatory quote period. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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closing price UK US noun [C]
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the price of a company's shares at the end of a day of trading on a stock market: »

The shares raced to a closing price of 220p on their first day.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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